My Journey to KWoC …!!!

Hola amigos! Today I want to describe my experience on KWoC and Open-Source contribution. I don't know much about Open-Source contribution at the beginning of the KWoC event. KWoC stands for Kharagpur Winter Of Code. This is a 5-week long online programme conduct by KOSS in winter. This is a great platform to the students... Continue Reading →


102 NOT OUT…!!!

Hola folks! This blog is about the review of the movie¬†102 NOT OUT.¬†Actually, my intention is to describe the entire story with you in this blog. But the point is you cannot feel the depth and emotions of the movie by reading the blog. So, I thought that maybe it's good if I make a... Continue Reading →

Revenge is Sweet …!!!

Hi guys! I am back with another blog. I think you don't need any initiation right? Then it's fine we will proceed with our subject. I guess somewhat you are confused or bothered about the title, right? If yes then you are completely involved with our topic. Revenge is a word that which has enormous... Continue Reading →


  Hi guys! I am back with another blog. This blog completely belongs to technical work. Today in this blog, we are going to learn about Command Line Interface which is called as CLI in short and what is Command? What is terminal? What is Linux? What is a Terminal Emulator? Why should we use... Continue Reading →

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